Sensa, often referred to as the “Sprinkle Diet” is, in all actuality, not a diet at all. It is merely flavored flakes you shake on food to fool your senses into believing you are full and satisfied early on during meals. The questions we want to examine in this sensatrial review is whether or not this product is a safe and effective way to lose weight or is it just another as seen on TV weight loss gimmick designed to ultimately separate you from your hard earned money leaving you with little or no results.

Just What Is Sensa and How Is It Supposed To Work?

The flakes or sprinkles in Sensa are referred to as “tastants.” Technically that term could apply to anything that has a taste but the makers of Sensa would rather have you believe that tastants are a unique discovery by Dr. Alan Hirsch. These crystals are actually made up of a blend of maltodexdrin, silica, tricalcium phosphate, and various natural and artificial flavorings which are all food derivatives so the potential of harmful side effects is low.

When these tastants are ingested, they are absorbed through your tongue and the roof of your mouth and are supposed to trigger your brain to send a message to your stomach that you are full. If the sensa crystals are successful in doing so, you will naturally eat less and ultimately lose weight so claims Dr. Hirsch. Makes sense so far but what have the real sensa results been?



Is There Any Evidence That Sensa Users Lost An Average Of 30 Pounds?

According to Dr. Hirsch, his research supports that claim. The only problem with that is his are the only studies that support that claim. To date, none of these studies performed by Dr. Hirsch have been published in any other medical journal and reviewed by any of his peers in the medical community. It looks like we are left to take his word for these sensa results. Do you think there may be a conflict of interest there?

These claims and reports made by Dr. Hirsch have raised more than a few eyebrows and red flags among noted dieticians and many nutrition experts across the country. Remember, there are no diet or fitness guidelines associated with the product at all. The so-called Sensa diet plan is basically marketed as a stand alone miracle dust you simply sprinkle on food and watch the pounds disappear.

Is SensaTrial Really Free?

As with most weight loss ads, you were urged several times during the trysensa infomercial to either call in or log on to order your free Sensa 1 month trial . Let’s take a closer look as to what is involved in all of that and if the offer is truly free. In order to receive your one months supply or the product, you are required to pay $9.95 shipping and handling. You also are given the option of ordering a 6 month introductory offer for $199 from the Sensa website.

What you were not told is when you pay the $9.95 for the free Sensatrial, you are automatically signed up to continue to receive the product for an additional charge of $89.95 along with any additional shipping and handling charges that may apply. The only way to avoid these extra charges is to send back the unused portion of the product within 30 days of the original order date.

This has been a continual problematic issue for the company and one that has caused quite a stir amongst potential customers who want to know the truth about sensa. Consequently, this has resulted in numerous complaints registered against the company with the BBB.

Does Sensa Really Work?

Most all evidence we have found through exhaustive studies and interviews point towards “not very well”  for most people that have used the product as a stand alone diet plan. You can do the preliminary searches yourself and you will be hard pressed to find even a few positive reviews.

Not to say Sensa was developed with a bad idea in mind, it is simply not enough to help most people lose weight in an effective and healthy manner. Especially when it comes to keeping the unwanted weight off for a prolonged period of time. Even if Sensa worked even better than advertised in the commercial, it would not be financially feasible for most people to continue use the product for the long term.

Hopefully one day, the general public will become more aware of the fact that there is no magical and effortless way to effectively lose weight. Until then, companies like this will continue to make millions by just simply telling us what we want to hear and counting on the fact that we will believe their sales pitch and reach for our wallets.

Is There A Real Solution?


Yes, there are some healthy and complete plans out there that can help you lose weight and keep it off for good. In order to be successful with any good diet plan you must be open to changing some bad eating and lifestyle habits. More often than not these changes need only be slight in order to yield huge results.  Maintaining good overall health should go hand in hand with a great weight loss plan. In most cases it’s only a matter of knowing which foods store fat and which ones naturally burn fat in order to be successful.

Nationally recognized nutritionist and author, Dr. Charles a great job of passing this information along to you in her video explaining the unique benefits of The Fat Loss Factor.

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